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Classic Gelly Wallet Book Case Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro Black

Classic Gelly Wallet Book Case Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro Black


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Classic Gelly Wallet Book Case Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro Black

The Mobilize Gelly Wallet Book Case is made of high-quality PU leather with a built-in TPU Gelly cover. Because smooth artificial leather is used, the case remains beautiful for a long time. On the inside it is finished with a soft gray lining and has a flexible Gelly cover. This protects the screen of your device against possible damage and drops and bumps are well absorbed. The many recesses in the Gelly ensure that you can continue to use all buttons and connections. The advantage of a Gelly cover is that due to its flexibility it lasts longer, does not break and is therefore durable. The PU leather is ultra thin, so that the case remains nice and compact in its entirety and you can easily take it with you wherever you go. On the left inside of the case are two horizontal compartments for cards and one vertical compartment for bills. You close the case by means of a flap with an integrated magnet. Furthermore, the edges of the case are finished with a tight stitching, so that the whole comes into its own even more.

Includes internal flexible Gelly cover
Useful cutouts
Space for cards and bills
Sleek, modern design

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